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The Big Wheels Bike Club

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New Members—Big Wheels Bicycle Club


I’m New—Can I ride with Big Wheels?


· Sure!  We all started as beginners.  Big Wheels welcomes you!

· But plan on riding from beginning of our riding season to get conditioned along with the rest of the club.

· You will get to know people you like and that have about the same ability as yourself.

· Eventually, you will find yourself enjoying rides 2 hours and more in length.

· Special “holiday rides” and “out-of-town” rides will be other options for you.



I’m interested —but I’d like to know more about the rides…

· Weekday rides may vary between about 20 and 30 miles depending on ride group and the weather.    

· Sunday rides are often in the 30 to 40 mile range.

· Week night rides vary with length of daylight, starting at about 12-15 miles and increasing to 20+ miles and then getting shorter again.

· Our rides are usually flat to rolling—we rarely do really hilly rides.

· Before leaving home, especially for evening rides, confirm that someone is actually riding—we can explain how to do that.




Your First Ride…


· Always arrive at least 15 minutes before ride start time to gear up, greet others, and learn about the day’s ride.

· Make sure your bike/tires are in good condition.

· Have ID, some money, contact information (personal/medical) in case of emergency.

· Have water bottle (two in warm weather) and a snack.

· Have spare tube and basic tools.

· Choose (introduce yourself and ask the ride leader) a ride group that best matches your abilities/preferences for speed and distance.


President, Barb Ciepiela